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Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

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Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

6 September 2021

Are you one of those people who takes your time for breakfast or runs out with the first one you come across? The current pace of life means that many times we start the day in a hurry, but it should not be an excuse not to eat breakfast in a healthy way.

There are many options, fast and good, that can help you enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast.


Breakfast is about breaking the deadlock and helping you start the day with the energy and nutrients your body needs. Ideally, it accounts for almost 25% of the daily energy you get from food.

To prepare your breakfast do not forget that your body needs protein, fiber, healthy fat and some carbohydrates. Kefir or yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, and eggs will, among other things, be good allies to start the day off right for your health.

And remember, for a healthy breakfast, you need to have the right foods at home. The first step is a healthy shopping basket that includes these foods. They are commodities, easy to find when you go shopping.

Here are just a few tips for getting a healthy breakfast. Find out more in the following video! The pharmacist Claudia Costa tells you.


So that the little ones in the house have a healthy breakfast and help them get started, keep in mind:

  • Beware of sugar, many of the baby foods contain a high content of this.

  • It offers a variety of healthy foods, so that they acquire healthy habits and they can choose.

  • Combine and test options different every day.

  • Avoid including industrial pastry, for its high content of saturated fats.

  • Help them learn from the example, having breakfast with them in a healthy way.

Follow these tips and start your days with energy and wellness! If in doubt, your pharmacy can advise you to help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet at all meals of the day.